Adjacent LA is a social media production company specializing in connections and synergy. Utilizing the internet, mobile apps, time travel, telekenesis, and other forms of modern communication, we make it our business to stay one step ahead of the curve to break through to new audiences, give life to multiple projects, and provide our clients with the results they desire.

Over our short lifespan, Lego, CBS, Cartoon Network, Ford Motor Company, Disney, Del Monte, Hunts, HBO, Eli Lilly & Co, and Chris Rock Enterprises, are among the many companies who have trusted Adjacent with their brand, and to bring their multi-faceted, cross platform projects to fruition.

We maintain a high level of social media savvy. And through our network of partners, we are able to tackle any project at any level. From a simple but powerful website, to a multi-million dollar development deal, Adjacent LA can make it happen.